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Clark Club Descriptions

African American Student Union – To learn about African American culture and history. Armstrong/Walker

American Movie Classics – Enjoy a great movie from the past.  Westenhaver

Asian Student UnionTo learn about Asian culture and history. Kerney/Shuman

Badminton – Students will play recreational badminton games.  Must wear appropriate athletic shoes to play.  Riding/Cox

Basketball – Enjoy playing 3 on 3 or 4 on 4 games while practicing shooting, passing, and dribbling skills.  Perkovich/Prieb/Martinez

Bill Nye Club – Watch Bill Nye Videos.  Anderson

Board Games – Enjoy classic board games, Monopoly, Sorry, Trouble, Jenga, Operation, Headband, and many more.  Simons

Cartesian Club –Creating pictures on a coordinate grid.  Bemis

Cartoon Classics – Watch classic cartoons on the big screen (Bugs Bunny, Wile E Coyote, Mickey Mouse, etc.) Salinas/Wilkins

Chess./Checkers – Enjoy learning the game of chess/checkers or improving your skills.  Brobst

CJSF – Is an Honor Society whose purpose is to foster high standards of scholarship, service, and citizenship. 7th and 8th grade students are encouraged to join! – Mrs. Rangel & Mrs. Salinas

Coloring BookBring your favorite coloring book or art.  Crayons will be provided. Jones

Disney Classics -  Watching old Disney cartoons starring Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy.  Sullivan

Disney/Pixar Movies– Enjoy the animated world of Walt Disney as we watch classic G-rated Disney and Pixar films.  Sansom/Tirapelle

Drop Everything and Read –An opportunity to catch up on your favorite book or AR reading.  Must bring your novel each Club Day.  Dumas

Duck Calling – Must have a duck call or hunting license to be in this club.  Chandler

Fashion Drawing – Using your drawing skills to create the latest and the greatest clothes that YOU think should be on the runway!  Fritsch

Fishing - Explore different styles of fishing techniques.  Includes trout, bass, ocean,  & fly fishing, lures, baits, and much more. Eropkin

Football Appreciation and Games –Enjoy the sport of football, watch video, and play football games. Knittle and Dean

Gardening Club – Learn gardening techniques and plant flowers around campus.  Bolls

Golf Club- Learn basic golf rules, putting, chipping, etc.   Franz

Karaoke – Do you like to sing?  If so, we have a variety of music for the students to sing-a-long with.  Spurgeon

Lego – For students who like to use their imagination to build things using Lego blocks.  Rivera

Lord of the Rings Movie – Discussion and viewing of the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy.  Stott

Manicure  – Learn how give a basic manicure and care for your nails and cuticles. Supplies provided by each student.  Graff/McCrain

Multicultural – Learn about different cultures around the world through guest speakers, presentations, food sampling, and field trips.  Pantoja

New Approach to Penciling –Put your pencil to the paper and be creative with drawing.  Cobb

Nutrition Club – Learn about and sample healthy foods and snacks. Brown

Outdoor Lawn Games – If you have good aim and like to play outdoors, come join us for Bocce  Ball and Kub.  Walker and Renna

Punjabi Club- Learn and experience the Punjabi Culture.  Regier

Puzzles/Popcorn –  Work alone or in a small group.  Bring your own puzzle or use one provided.  Heredia/Davis

Sci-Fi Movies –Watch Science Fictions Movies.  Ford

Sign Language – Learn the alphabet and basic signs.  Wilson

Soccer Appreciation –  Knowledge of the game, and different formations,  On field training.  Zubiri

Sports Trivia –Pro, College, and local high schools.  Historic rivalries, and famous moments.  Gutilla

Warming the World –Make Blankets to give to someone in need..  Optional field trips will be scheduled to deliver blankets.  Talmage

Water Polo Appreciation – Learn about the sport of water polo and watch some of the all time great games on video.  Berry/Eoff

Word Searches– For those who like to tackle the challenge of decoding word searches.  No experience needed.  Denton