Student of the Month Awards

Student of the Month Awards

February 22, 2016 at 9:31 AM

Congratulations to the following Clark students for being awarded Student of the Month from one of their teachers.

Grade 7 Student Recognition
Mrs. Armstrong- Faith and Sherman
Mrs. Bemis- Julia and Chris
Miss Brobst- Nicole and Hector
Miss Figueroa- Blaez and Penndennis
Mr. Gutilla- Gaocha and Johnathan
Mrs. Perkins- Thaileeya and Jonah
Mr. Perkovich- Alexis and Kelsey
Sparthenians- Topanga and Jack

Grade 8 Student Recognition
Mrs. Borwn- David and Serenity
Mr. Davis- Meron and Jordan
Mr. Rivera- Avery and Jedidiah
Mrs. Simon- Thomas and Michael
Mrs. Talmage- Easton and Jenna
Mr. Larry Walker- Aiden and Kristina
Mr. Michael Walker- Chali and Branson
Sparthenians- Samuel and Caleb


Feb 9 SOM.jpg


Feb 10 SOM.jpg