Clark Chieftains

October Newsletter

Making the Most of Middle School

Middle school students need more space and independence to discover new interests and build skills and knowledge.  They also need continued support and guidance from parents.  Here are some ways to help your child make this transition and stay on the right track:

· Attend Back to School Night, Thursday, Sept 4th from 6-7:30 p.m.   Help your child

      become familiar with his or her new buildings, classrooms, and lockers.

· Meet with your child’s Learning Director or Guidance Instructional Specialist.  Ask advice on how to help your child transition into his or her new school.

· Expose your child to a broad range of experiences and programs.  Help him or her explore new interests and start to consider future plans.

· Set ground rules for your child.  Make sure your child knows what time to wake up, when to be ready for school, and when to do homework after school.  Also, let your child know that he or she is expected to do his or her best in school.

· Stay aware of your child’s homework and school demands.  It is important for you to keep track of your child’s homework assignments and deadlines.  However, check, but do not do your child’s homework.  Encourage your child to do his or her best work on homework assignments.

· Monitor your child’s progress.  Be aware of your child’s progress on schoolwork, tests, and grades, so you can address any potential problems or issues before they become larger.

· Remember your child’s next transition-high school.  Make sure that your child is aware of the classes and programs he or she will need to take in middle school to prepare for high school and beyond.

Whether or not your child is thinking about college, decisions your child makes as early as 8th grade can have a major impact on his or her future.  Young people must use this time to:

· Develop good study habits.

· Master strong reading, math and computer skills.

· Explore science learning opportunities.

· Establish high expectations for learning and good conduct-both at home and at school.

· Develop good communication skills.

· Confront personal roadblocks.