Student Services

Student Services is a centrally located office where student behavior issues are addressed.  Student Services is staffed with a Guidance Learning and Instructional Specialist, a Student Relation Liaison, Campus Monitor, Campus Officer, and Administrative Assistant. The goal of this office is to work with students, parents, and teachers to correct behavior, while also supporting and protecting academic learning time.  This system has made a positive impact on the Clark campus.  Students clearly understand the behavior expectations, and the result is a more positive learning environment.  

Student Services Office

(559) 327-1510

Office Hours 7:00am to 4:00pm Daily

Demetra Vincent-Walker, Senior GIS Student Services

Student Services Office Services:

  • Campus Safety and Security
  • Student Discipline & Attendance
  • Bullying & Harassment Reports
  • Incident and Vandalism Reports
  • Student Attendance Review Board (SARB)
  • Lost and Found
  • Code of Ethics Hearings
  • Dress Code Enforcement

Lunch and After School Detention

  • 7th grade Lunch Detention- Monday-Thursday room M-1
  • 8th grade Lunch Detention- Monday-Thursday room S-8
  • After school Detention- Monday-Friday, 2:30 to 4:30 rooms M-1/B-2
  • Saturday School- Every Saturday 8:00 to 12:00

Dress Code

Dress Code will be enforced at ALL school-related activities both on and off campus. Click here to view Dress Code Information.

Uncleared Absences/Truancy Policy:

Students will be issued consequences for each truancy or uncleared absence.  Habitual truancies/uncleared absences may lead to loss of privileges, suspensions, referral to the School Attendance Review Board (SARB), and/or referral to alternative education.  Students, who leave class without permission, leave campus at lunch without proper clearance, or leave school without checking out through the Attendance Office will be considered in violation of school/District policy.