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Academic Awards

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Honor Roll Procedures

The Honor Roll acknowledges the distinguished scholars at Clark Intermediate School. The requirements reflect not only the student's academic achievement, but his/her work ethic and citizenship as well. All students eligible for placement on the Honor Roll must meet the following criteria:
• The student shall not have a "D" or "F" on his/her report card.
• The student shall not have "NG" or “INC” on his/her report card.
• All courses count toward a student's grade point average.

Principal's Honor Roll

For those students who earn all A's (4.0 GPA). A certificate is presented to the student during fall/spring semester Academic Award Presentations.

High Honors

For those students who achieve at least a 3.5 GPA or better. A certificate is presented to the student by the Learning Director.

Honor Roll

For those students who achieve at least a 3.0 GPA. A certificate is presented to the student by the Learning Director.

Principal's Medallion Award

The Clark Intermediate Principal's Medallion Award is presented to the eighth grade students at the Principal's Medallion Awards Banquet. The award is given to those students with a weighted (Geometry as an 8th Grader and Algebra 1 as a 7th Grader) grade point average of 4.0 for the four (4) semesters of their seventh and eighth grade education. 

CJSF and CSF (California Scholarship Federation)

Click here for the 2022-2023 CJSF Application

CJSF (California Junior Scholarship Federation)- The California Junior Scholarship Federation (CJSF) is an Honor Society whose purpose is to foster high standards of scholarship, service, and citizenship in California students in grades 7th and 8th. Clark Intermediate has formed a chapter of California Junior Scholarship Federation (CJSF). It is an honor service club to which one who qualifies must apply. Membership to CJSF is contingent on student
Academic progress. Counselor's will be reaching out to qualifying CJSF student's.
Application Procedure:
• A notice to pick up application forms to join CJSF will be given to qualifying 7th and 8th grade students by their counselor.
•Qualifications for CJSF are based on the following point value system in the qualifying subject areas.  Students MUST earn 8 or more points in the 4 listed subject areas to qualify for CJSF membership. THREE semesters of qualifying grades and completed application are required to earn a CJSF Pin and/or certificate.

Qualifying Point System                               Qualifying Subject Areas
A= 3 Point                                                           Language
B= 1 Point                                                            History
C = 0 Points                                                         Science
D/F = Ineligible for CJSF**                                   Math

Types of Membership
CJSF Honor Member (Earn a CJSF Pin) = 3 or more qualifying semesters in 7th and 8th grade.
(Completed Application each semester REQUIRED)
CJSF Member  (Earn a Certificate) = 2 or less qualifying semesters in 7th and/or 8th grade.
(Completed Application each semester REQUIRED)

Students please follow the instructions below to complete the application process.
-Attend CJSF meetings (Sign Attendance Log).
-Attach (Staple) a printout of the following Semester Grades: Grade printouts are attainable through the Clark Counseling Center or by logging on to your Student Connect.
o 7th Grade Semester 1 (If applicable): 8 + CJSF Points needed to qualify see rubric attached.
o 7th Grade Semester 2 (If applicable): 8 + CJSF Points needed to qualify see rubric attached.
o 8th Grade Semester 1 (If applicable): 8 + CJSF Points needed to qualify see rubric attached.
o 8th Grade Semester 2 (If applicable): 8 + CJSF Points needed to qualify see rubric attached.

-Submit your 10 hours of Community Service during the 2022-2023 school year: Community Service

-Log required to be turned in on the CJSF google form by May 12, 2022
-Any hours served beginning in August of 2022-May 2023

-Return the application on no later than: May 12, 2023

Lifetime CJSF

Clark Intermediate students who qualify and apply for membership for three (3) semesters will be awarded the Honor Membership Pin at the Principals' Academic Awards at the end of the year.

Clark Block "C" Award

The Block "C" Award is a special end of the year award for the "all-around" scholar.  The award is a tribute to the students at Clark Intermediate  whose involvement reflects the spirit of the Clovis Sparthenian- working hard in Mind, Body and Spirit. 


Students who wish to earn the Block " C" Award should follow the procedures:

  • Join the Google Class: Clark Block C 2020-2021 (Class Code 536tuxk)
  • Enter the points he/she has earned in each criteria as the year progresses.
  • Secure appropriate verification signatures.
  • Submit the application through google classroom. 
  • Information regarding the application and important dates will be provided in the google classroom. 


Information will be made available on our school website, through our AB block teachers and you can always contact your 7th and 8th grade team offices. 

Sparthenian Recognition

Sparthenians are selected from both the seventh and eighth grades by their Team teachers/Learning Directors. Attendance at the Exemplary Student Luncheon acknowledges Sparthenians for their contribution/involvement in the development of mind, body and spirit. Parents of Sparthenian Award winners are invited to the luncheon at no cost. The student will bring notification informing parents of the date and time home.

Character Counts Award

Among all the other Character Education activities done during the school year, one class period a month is set-aside for Clark students to review the various pillars of the Character Counts Program. Teachers are asked to nominate a student who they feel best exemplifies the Character Counts Pillar that is being emphasized during that month. Nominees should be students who have exemplified that pillar not only in a particular instance but also on many different occasions. We want to honor those students who still exemplify character when no one is looking. The winners are honored at the Exemplary Student luncheons and then have their picture and name engraved on the Character Counts plaque that graces the hallway of the main office. Monthly Character Counts Pizza parties are for any student who turns in lost items of value to the team offices.

Student Recognition Luncheon

Teachers will choose students to be recognized who exhibit exemplary effort and achievement in their classrooms. Honorees have the pleasure of public recognition while their parents are present. The luncheon is free to all parents of students honored. Notification informing parents of the date and time will be brought home by the student.
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