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Academic BlockBand
P.E.Other Electives
Special EducationSupport Staff



Name Title Email
Barber, Teresa Principal [email protected]
Dodderer, Mallory 7th grade Learning Director  [email protected] 
Gill, Baljit  8th grade Learning Director [email protected]
Hochberg, Robert 8th grade GIS [email protected]
Pearson, Shane 7th grade Teacher on Special Assignment -GIS [email protected] 
Mammen, Bobby  Athletic Director [email protected]
Perkins, Kristin  Activities Director [email protected]

Academic Block

Name Grade/Subject
Website Email
Armstrong, Vinita 7th AB Website [email protected]
Brobst, Linda 7th AB  Website [email protected]
Brown, Lisa 7th AB Website   [email protected]
Chambless, Tamara 7thAB Website  [email protected] 
Dumas, Judith  7th AB  Website  [email protected] 
Gutilla, Matt  7th AB  Website  [email protected]
Pantoja Vega, Lupe  7th/8th AB  Website [email protected]
Prandini, Mark 7th AB Website [email protected]
Shaterian, Rowen 7th AB and Teen Living Website [email protected]
Taylor, Cameron  7th AB   [email protected]
Westenhaver, Kevin  7th AB and Film Studies Website  [email protected]
Berry, Matt 8th AB and Computer Applications  Website  [email protected]
Evans, Chad 8th AB  Website  [email protected]
Garcia, Pacifico 8th AB Website [email protected]
Kubo, Kendal 8th AB Website [email protected]
Lowder, Penney  8th AB and Literature through Film Studies Website  [email protected]
Menard, Brianna 8th AB Website [email protected]
Regier, Jarin 8th AB  Website  [email protected] 
Rivera, Jimmy  8th AB  Website  [email protected] 
Walker, Larry 8th AB Website [email protected]
Wetzel, Savannah 8th AB Website [email protected]
Wilson, Rebecca 8th AB Website [email protected]




Website Email
 Bemis, Susan  Math 7, Math 7 Seminar  Website [email protected]
 Davis, Mike  Math 8  Website [email protected]
Hartsburg, John  Math 8  Website [email protected]
Heredia, Carla  Math 8  Website [email protected]
Luna, Michael  Math 7  Website [email protected]
Steffen Perryman, Audrey  Math 7  Website [email protected]
Prieb, Kristi  Math 7, Math 7 Seminar  Website [email protected]
Renwick, Brandon  Math 8  Website [email protected]
Salinas, Danette  Advanced Math 8, Advanced Math 7  Website [email protected]


Name Grade/Subject
Website Email
Anderson, Jason 8th Science Website [email protected]
Davidson, Elizabeth 7th Science Website [email protected]
Dean, Nathan 7th Science [email protected]
Fernandez-Lopez, Lori Yvette 8th Science Website [email protected]
Ford, Jennifer 8th Science Website [email protected]
Franz, Scott 8th Science Website [email protected]
Jones, Amy 7th Science [email protected]
Knittle, Mike 7th Science Website [email protected]
Tirapelle, Casey 8th Science Website [email protected]


Name Grade/
Website Email
Cox, Leslie P.E.  Website [email protected]
Ballard, Bart P.E.  Website [email protected]
Eoff, Rick P.E.  Website [email protected]
Martinez, Kenneth P.E.  Website [email protected]
Riding, Leicia P.E.  Website [email protected]
VanRavenhorst, Bert P.E.  Website [email protected]
Zubiri, Marty P.E.  Website [email protected]

Special Education

Name Grade/Subject Website Email
Akel, Madona  TBA   [email protected]
Barstow, Jillian History/Collaboration   [email protected]
Dupree, Dalton Collaboration   [email protected]
McCrain, Diane  Math/Collaboration   [email protected]
Simon, Kendra Science/ Collaboration   [email protected]
Talmage, Toni 7th/8th grade Learning Center  Website [email protected] 
Yang, Ahlee Daily Living, Occupational Guidance   [email protected]


Mele, Jill  Drama  Website  [email protected]


Name Grade/Subjet Website Email
Madden, Steven Jazz studies Website  [email protected] 
Watson, Chris  Band and Percussion Website  [email protected]


Harris, Krista  Orchestra  Website  [email protected] 


Spurgeon, Tami Choir  Website  [email protected]

Other Electives

Berry, Matt Computer Applications Website [email protected]
Dooman, Dave Woodshop   [email protected]
Fritsch, Melissa Art/Drawing/Advanced Art  Website  [email protected] 
 Lowder, Penney Literature through Film Studies   [email protected] 
Luginbill, Jeremy Bridge Program Website [email protected]
Mammen, Bobby  Leadership/Athletic Director   [email protected] 
Martinez, Kenney Exploring Technology   [email protected]
Sansom, Brandy Film Studies/Independent Study Contract Coordinator/Academic Seminar   [email protected]
 Shaterian, Rowen  Teen Living   [email protected] 
Walker, Michael  Spanish I, Intro to Spanish, Yearbook, Exploring Technology  Website [email protected]
Westenhaver, Kevin  Film Studies Website [email protected]
Support Staff 
Byrom, Wynona Office Manager [email protected]
Cantrell, KarenaTeacher on Special Assignment for Instructional Technology [email protected]
Elliott, Sheryl  R.N., School Nurse [email protected]
Kawano, NormaFinance/Data Processing[email protected]
Lamb, Cathy Teacher Librarian[email protected]
Leonardo, Jeremy7th Grade Student Relations Liaison [email protected] 
Lowery, Haylie 8th Grade Team Office Secretary  [email protected]
Malony, KarenMain Office, Clerical Specialist 1 [email protected] 
Martin, PhiliciaCategorical Secretary [email protected] 
Mauzy, ShannonHealth Services Assistant[email protected]
Muro, Phil "Mo" 8th Grade Student Relations Liaison [email protected]
Oliver, BetsyRegistrar/Attendance [email protected] 
Orr, TrishSchool Psychologist [email protected]
Reyes, Estevan8th Grade Counselor[email protected]
Riojas, Rebecca7th Grade Team Office Secretary [email protected] 
Quinn-Rangel, Alison 7th Grade Counselor [email protected]
Siebert, TaniaLibrary Technician[email protected]

Transition Program Staff

Prandini-Wilken, ChrissyClovis Area Transition Coordinator[email protected]
Ngo, KevinTransition Program Counselor[email protected]
Hughes, GabrielTransition SRL[email protected]
Vue, JeffTransition SRL[email protected]
Salazar, JessicaTransition SRL[email protected]
Horsley, Ashante'Transition SRL[email protected]
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